"MILITARY ENTHUSIASM" combined with Masonic principles conduced to make the Consecration of the Kensington Battalion Lodge one of the most successful functions of the Masonic season.

Thus "The Freemason" for November 1912.  The official account continues, "the ceremony took place in the New Temple at the Clarendon Restaurant, Hammersmith, on 22nd October 1912, and was carried out by officers evidently chosen with considerable consideration to their Regimental qualifications as well as Masonic rank."

The Consecrating Officers were Bros: 
Sir Edward Letchworth, F.S.A., Grand Secretary (late Central London Rangers) 
Lt Col Cecil C.W. Troughton P.G.D. (late Prince of Wales North Staffs Regt) as Senior Warden 
Lt Col  Wm. Drage, D.S.O., P.G.S.B. (late Army Service Corps) as Junior Warden, 
V. Rev. Dean, J. S. Brownrigg, M.A., P.G.Chaplain as Chaplain 
Lt Col  H. W. Morrieson, D.G.D.C. (late Royal Artillery) as Director of Ceremonies 
Lt Col G. H. Newington Bridges, V.D., P.G.S.B. (late Surrey Rifles) as Inner Guard
Following are the Officers of the Lodge appointed and invested after the Consecration ceremony: 

* W.Bro. Major W. R. J. McLean, T.D., MusBach., P.G.Org. W.M.
* W.Bro. Colour-Sergeant J. H. Gunn, P.P.A.G.P.(Herts.) I.P.M.
* Bro. Captain E. L. Pamell  S.W.
* Bro. Q.M.S. A. W. Foxwell  J.W.
* Bro. CoI. A. J. Hopkins, V.D.  Treas. 
* Bro. Lieut. & Q.M. A. Ridley  Sec.
* Bro. Captain E. W. Chance, LL.B.  S.D.
* Bro. Colour-Sergeant S. J. Long  J.D.
* W.Bro. Transport Sergeant J. W. Boughton  D.C.
* W.Bro. Bandmaster S. Dodwell  A.D.C.
* Bro. J. Mathieson  Organist
* Bro. Captain P. A. Hopkins . I.G.
* Bro. C. J. Wells  Steward
* Bro. Colour-Sergeant P. V. Blackbum  Steward
W .Bro. H. Barton  Tyler

* These comprise the Founders.

 To quote again from "The Freemason" - "It would be difficult to find new terms to express the beauty which accompanied the ceremonial.  In addition to that Masonic dignity and solemnity which would grace the Grand Secretary amid the most distinguished social environment, there was that rehabilitation of the military word and movement that came from his memory of his years with the Volunteer Force.  The Founders presented to him were a body of stalwarts of which any officer might well be proud.  At the banquet W .Bro. McLean showed himself a master of
many arts, and kept the vivacity of the guests alive until the last moment..."


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