A pair of Masonic Gavels, given in 1888 and 1892 by the late Major George Lambert, Queen's Westminsters, are shot for each year by London military Lodges. The Gavels are of oak, (tradition says from the Great Hall at Westminster), heavily mounted in silver; the names of the winning
teams are engraved on the handles. A third Gavel was presented by the Queen's Westminsters, to be competed for by teams of four.

Records of many of the earlier shoots are still in existence, the first being held at Caterham in 1888, for teams of ten, the best eight to count, firing seven shots at 250 and at 600 yards. The rifles used were Martinis and the winners were the Queen's Westminsters.  The shoot was held at
Pirbright in 1903 and in 1904 at Bisley, the venue ever since. Conditions varied from time to time; in 1903 seven shots were fired at 200 and at 500 yards.

Thus the Gavel Shoot forms an interesting link between the old Volunteer Forces and the Territorial Army of today, and so is probably unique. The teams are perforce formed largely of veterans, and although victory is sought after it is by no means essential for the enjoyment of the

The successes of the Kensington Battalion Lodge have unfortunately been limited to winning the 2nd Gavel in 1939 and the Westminster in 1953, but in only one year, 1955, has the Lodge failed to enter a team.  A signal achievement.


1929 T. Lingley 1949 W. J. D. Slatcher
1930 E. L. Parnell 1950 W. J. D. Slatcher
1931 A. E. Kearey 1951 H. King
1932 A. C. Herne 1952 H. King
1933 R. B. Flatman 1953 + H. M. HoIlier
1934 G. H. Leigh 1954 H. King
1935 G. H. Leigh 1955
1936 G. H. Leigh 1956 W. Mason
1937 G. H. Leigh 1957 C. R. Trelease
1938 G. H. Leigh 1958 H. King
1939 * G. H. Leigh 1959 A. C. Herne
1947 R. B. Flatman 1960 H. Varney
1948 W. J. D. Slatcher 1961 W. J. D. Slatcher

*Team won 2nd Gavel         +Team won Westminster Gavel

During the first twelve years, a Secretary's Cup was also presented, and won by W. J. D. Slatcher (three times) C. H. Clark (twice) and E. L. Parnell, T. Lingley, G. H. Leigh, F. G. Hollier, A. E. Kearey, P. T. Evans and C. E. Clark.

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