A KENSINGTON Battalion Lodge of Instruction was formed in 1913, a few months after the Consecration of the Lodge.  Meetings were suspended during the First World War, after which the first meeting was held at Headquarters, Iverna Gardens, W.Bro. A. W. Foxwell occupying the Chair.

This was on the 22nd October 1919, and thereafter it continued to meet regularly at the "Kensington Arms," Abingdon Road, at which mine host was W.Bro. Walter Bailey, the burly and popular R.Q.M.S. of the 1/13th Bn.  Thus until the outbreak of World War II.

Far from disrupting the meetings, through the good offices of W .Bro. Bob Flatman and the kind hospitality of the Boy Scouts' Headquarters in Buckingham Palace Road, these continued weekly throughout hostilities. With the retirement of W.Bro. Flatman it became necessary to seek fresh
quarters; by the kind permission of successive commanding officers, a room at present headquarters at 190 Hammersmith Road has been placed at the disposal of the Lodge of Instruction ever since, and here it meets every Thursday.

It is true to say that the reputation and dignity of the Lodge has been maintained at a high standard by the unflagging efforts of successive Preceptors and Secretaries in securing the support of a sufficient number of younger brethren.

The Lodge of Instruction has made its own contribution to Masonic charity, for in 1958 it was made a Patron Lodge of the Royal Masonic Hospital on completing a gift of one hundred guineas from its own funds.


Preceptors Secretaries
W.Bro. E. L. Parnell  1919-1928 Bro. E. V. Field 1919
W.Bro. H. J. C. Fozard 1928-1941 Bro. W. J. D. Slatcher 1919-1923
Bro. A. E. Kearey 1923-1933
Bro. H. Calf 1933-1943
W.Bro. J. E. Bardrick 1943-1953 Bro. Pugh 1943-1948
W.Bro. F. Crust 1953- Bro. B. Courtney 1948-1961
Bro. A. E. James 1961-

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